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Fokker E.III Time Lapse
Wright Brothers' Flight 1909

Scale Model E.III Rigging Guide

DH-2 Rigging Guide

360 Degree Fokker Rotator

DH-2 Rigging Guide

Fokker Profiles: 1910 - 1918

Fokker ProfilesFokker Profiles

A curated quick reference source , chronicling the aeroplanes built by the Fokker Flugzeugwerke during the period of 1913 -1918. Generally covering the years of the Great War ....WWI. 

Fokker Profiles

A time of rapid development in the design of early fighter aircraft. From the implementation of Fokker's "Stangensteuerung" synchronization mechanism on early eindeckers, to the formidable D.VII...perhaps the pinnacle of design for the time, Fokker airplanes will forever be synonymous with the dawn of flight and aces.


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